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a community for the pagan/witch community, open to any and all religions, not just the above. always willing to learn new things from everyone, each person has different views, so i look forward to hearing about all of you.
no negativity directed at any person/group will be tolerated.
difference of opinion is welcome, but do not force your opinions upons others.
please post pictures of your altars, religious items, and anything you find interesting.
all pix please place behind an lj cut.
feel free to talk about anything topic related, including spells you are doing, how you are progressing in your studies, new materials you find, etc.

your moderators are:

the theme for the month of december is:

feel free to post anything related to the subject.
pictures, poems, rituals, spells, findings, ponderings, questions, etc.

-upon joining, please fill out the small survey, and make a post with it. this in NOT a rating community, the survey is there only so we can get to know you better.
-do not discriminate, or put down another person, culture, or religion. this goes for ALL religions. discussions on the subject, however, are acceptable.
-you may post pictures, but please nothing vulgar. pictures of yourself, your items, tools, and altars, or anything related to the subject are perfectly permissable.
-all pictures must be placed behind an lj cut.
-have fun and feel free to ask any questions you have on mind.
-please try and participate in the weekly discussion questions and topics. the more active you make it, the more fun it will be!

introduction survey:
-astrological sign:
-how long have you been practicing?:
-what made you interested in your particular belief?:
-any area you are particularly interested in, and study the most, or would like to?:
-what is your honest veiw on familiars? do you have one?:
-do you practice solitary, or belong to a coven?:
-some hobbies or interests, outside of the religion subject:

community banners:

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